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   Why ARCOS
  • Certified wih ISO9001&ISO 22716 recognition.
  • Equipped EU Grade B and ISO 14644-1 Class 6 performance qualification clean rooms covered more than 430 sq. meters facilities and 15 minutes traffic to Taipei metropolis high streets.
  • Suspended particles in Arcos clean rooms apply to the criteria of “≦0.5µm/1,140-12,832/cu.ft” which is higher than normal cosmetics ≦0.5µm/100,000/cu.ft standard.
  • Best pure water system for Cosmetics base in Great China at dialysis system criteria. 
  • Switzerland formula, technology cooperation with Taiwan ITRI and Academic Institutions, Make in Taiwan.
  • OEM facility cover 4,500 square meter above.
  • Equipped the best pure water system in Great China region with Dialysis medical system instead of tap water.
  • Computerized 20 years knowledge management system with OEM and ODM capabilities.
  • Equipped eight quality control circles (QCC) company-wide to discuss PDCA quality issues on weekly basis. 
  • Expertise on Chinese Herbal Medicine extracts for Cosmeceutical face mask, lotion, tonic water, etc. to enrich your Branding protforlio.
  • Developing 5-10 new sku on annual basis.
  • More than 370 stable active ingredients to accelerate you time-to-market efficiency.
  • 2016 Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award.
  • 2017 Taiwan National Qualtiy Award.
  • Technology Cooperation with PAP COSMETIC SCIENCES SA SWITZERLAND 
  • ARCOS Company Brochure




Cosmetics Production in Standard 

Performance Qualification Clean Rooms

  • 0.5µm particles should under 100,000/cu.ft 【≦0.5µm/(100,000/cu.ft)】
  • 0.5µm particles should under        700/cu.ft 【≦0.5µm/ (700/cu.ft)】
  • Temperature between 23 ±4 ℃ and humidity at 40%-60%






  • Detected 0.5µm particles at 2,832/cu.ft,far below the【≦0.5µm/(100,000/cu.ft)】。
  • Detected 5µm  particles at 11-246/cu.ft,far below the【700/cu.ft)】
  • Therefore ARCOS Clean Rooms entitled ISOO14644-1『CLASS 6and EU CGMPGrade B


ARCOS Insists Superior Milieu for Better Quality Assurance





ISO國際認證化妝品代工廠  專業保養品代工製造    專業護膚產品設計、代工製造   符合ISO國際標準  









ACROS Bio-tech Corporation.

Cosmeceutical OEM/ODM

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